Thursday, August 30, 2007

Current Fate adventure

I recently began GMing a new adventure for three buddies at work. We play at lunch each Friday. We've been creating a fantasy world as we've played. This world is called Dremnia. In our first adventure, I GMed as the players traveled from Verrath to Reicalis - two kingdoms on the eastern side of the continent. In our second adventure I played a character as the GM led us through the secret passageways of the city of Kalinoth in the southeast.

This is our third adventure as a roleplaying group, and I am once again in the GM seat. This time around, we are using the mechanics from Spirit of the Century instead of Fate 2e. We're just adapting the mechanics to our own fantasy setting. Because it is our first time using the Fate 3.0 mechanics, I am running a short adventure for getting our feet wet. After this, we will move on to an adventure of my own creation, which I'm looking forward to with eagerness. I really like some of the new mechanics in Fate 3.0, especially the significant use of Aspects.

For this short adventure I'm running now, I converted a free D&D adventure which I downloaded from the Wizards of the Coast website. The adventure is called "A Dark and Stormy Knight", by

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