Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Brief Overview Series Ep. 1: Oltre Mare

A few months ago, I acquired a new boardgame called Oltre Mare. “Oltre Mare” is a term that means something like “over the sea” in Italian. Each player plays a merchant on the Mediterranean sea , buying and trading wares. You will also have to avoid pirates, and carefully manage your inventory.

After learning the game and playing a few times with my wife, I was ready to introduce it to my gaming group at work. Having taught a large number of games to the group, I am always thinking of ways to teach new games as painlessly as possible. Let's face it: sometimes learning a new eurogame can be daunting. They always seem to have more rules than they actually do.

So this time, I created a short video overview for all players to watch before the learning session. My goal was to introduce the components, the theme, the terms, and a brief description of the gameplay. I thought that perhaps they would feel more comfortable learning the game having already seen it and learned how it works.

I figured I might as well share it on the Internet since it wasn't going to do any good just sitting on my hard drive forever. So I posted it to YouTube. Since posting a link on BGG, I have received good feedback. If you are considering purchasing Oltre Mare, or are simply interested in a short video about this game you've never heard of, watch the vid below!

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