Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Brief Overview Series Ep. 4: Taluva

This is episode 4 in my brief overview series. Thanks to everyone who has sent me comments on BGG and YouTube. You wanted more, so here you go. This time I look at Taluva. Someone recommended I post my videos on Vimeo instead of YouTube, so I'm trying that this time around. Enjoy!

Brief Overview Series Ep. 4: Taluva


Murz said...

Brief and informative as usual. Thanks again for sharing :D

(is that a wand you were using? lol)

TimothyP said...


The pointing device is a black chopstick. I found that it was perfect for pointing at things, which was really necessary for this video.

Anonymous said...

I prefer Youtube than Vimeo. Youtube plays the video without any skips compared to Vimeo which skips every 15 seconds. Hope you consider going back to Youtube.

Nice overview of Taluva by the way. Thanks for sharing it! :)