Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Brief Overview series Ep. 5: Fairy Tale

Here is the 5th entry in my Brief Overview series. Thanks to everyone on BGG who has commented and added requests.

Brief Overview series Ep. 5: Fairy Tale


Anonymous said...

I think if you added 1 minute of breathing spread evenly throughout it would slow the pace down and allow my mind to digest this a little better. I watched your Caylus MC overview having been very familiar with the game and I had a hard time following it even then. Good production value though for the videos. You do well condensing to the relevant points. Just breathe and let me breathe with you. :o)

TimothyP said...

Thanks for the feedback. My goal until now has been to be as brief as possible. I suppose I can try adding more space. Does anyone else who has been following these vids prefer to have them be longer with more empty space?

Eric said...

Hi, Timothy. I would agree that these seem a little rushed. They're already short enough and distinguish themselves enough from the more lengthy and detailed video reviews (Scott Nicholson, etc.) that adding another 30-60 seconds from a slower pace shouldn't make a difference.

Nice series, though, regardless!


TimothyP said...

Thanks for the comments! I'll try to add more space in the next one. If you don't mind the vids being longer, I'll go with your requests.

Raydancer said...

Heh...I'm glad I'm not the only one who had that problem. I agree, a few breaths to let our minds catch up would do wonders. Of all the board game videos I've seen, I like yours the most...they're very clean, well edited, and to the point. When I watch board game vids, I'm generally trying to get a good feel for how the game is played...so I'm not really concerned with the length, so long as it's all focused on the game and how it's played.

TimothyP said...

Great - I'm encouraged to receive this much feedback. It seems the majority of you prefer longer vids with more breathing room. I'll aim for that on the next one. What matters most is that you like the vids.

otscotty said...

I've just stumbled onto your site. This is the first video I've watched. Two things struck me.

1. You do a fantastic job.
2. You need to slow down.

I figured you were rushing a bit just to save bandwidth. If that isn't the case, I completely agree with the previous comments.

Please note, however, that I have no other complaints. Your presentation is top notch. Thanks for the work that you've obviously put into this project. I'm looking forward to your future videos.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the nice overview.. but as mentioned before it really needs to be slowed down. I think a 7 to 10 minute overview would be better than a 4 minute overview that is too rushed.

Good job nonetheless!