Thursday, December 25, 2008

Brief overview series - what do you want to see?

This time around, I'm giving you the opportunity to send in feedback. I know a lot of people appreciate the brief overview video series I've been doing. What I want to know is - what games would you like to see in my brief overview format?

If you would like to request something, take a look at my stash over at BGG and comment on this post to make your request!

Because of other projects in my life, I've had less time to post here on GotT, but I'd like to know what to work on next, when I get time for another brief overview video. I had been planning on doing Treasures and Traps next, but I'd like to hear from you first!


Joachim said...

Hey Tim,

I love your Brief Overview series, it's definitely one of the best board game video review series available.

Here's the games from your collection that I'd love to see get the Brief Overview treatment:

Race for the Galaxy
Lost Valley
Through the Desert
The Pillars of the Earth
Notre Dame



Raydancer said...

There are many in your collection for which I'd like to see overviews. Here are my requests: Loot (if only because I could buy it at Target), Race for the Galaxy, Pandemic, San Juan, Pandemic, and Dominion.