Thursday, December 13, 2007 - make shopping easier

Many of you may have visited before, but, like me, you may not have known about a sweet little feature called Shopping List.

This feature was brought to my attention by Thomas, who runs So, big thanks to him for this tip.

If you plan to do large game orders, you will find the Shopping List very useful. Here's how it works:
  1. Look up a game on
  2. Click the button that says "Add to list".
  3. Repeat with every game you want to include on your game order.
  4. Click the link in the upper right corner which says " games in shopping cart".
  5. You will now see a list of every store that carries all of those games and their stock status.
The stores will be listed in order of price, low to high. There will also be a list of sites which carry only some of the games. The only work you will have to do is estimate the shipping costs. So, the next time you do a large game order, you might want to use the Shopping List feature to find the best online store to buy from!

NOTE: You may notice that Thought Hammer does not show up in your searches on This is because their website is not yet compatible with the way does its magic. Thomas assures me that he has requested Thought Hammer change this, but they have yet to make the change.


Raydancer said...

Thanks for posting about the add list for BGP. I have Adblock turned on with Firefox, and it was accidentally hidden from me. By the way, have you had any experience with Superhero Gameland? I'm thinking of ordering from them, but I'm looking for opinions.

I don't know if you're a Windows user, but if so, give this a try. Very helpful, in my opinion.

TimothyP said...

I thought I had posted about buying from Superhero Gameland, but I guess I never did!

They ranked pretty average in my Board Game Buyer's Guide pt.2 (look back a few months for that post).

Recently, I had a need to order two things that both happened to be at Superhero Gameland - a roleplaying book for a friend, and a discounted copy of Pillars of the Earth. Because their shipping is free after $99, I put in a full order to get free shipping. It ended up great because I saved a lot buying Pillars there.

So, my recommendation is to always compare prices. If you are looking at Superhero Gameland, see how much you can get the same items for at Boards & Bits, Fair Play Games (they price match), or Thought Hammer. In terms of service, every one of these sellers is great. I would recommend Superhero Gameland as long as you aren't paying too much more than the other sites.