Monday, December 24, 2007

Brief Overview Series Ep. 3: Caylus Magna Carta

This is the third entry in my brief overview series in which I attempt to show you the basics of a board game to help you decide if it's worth a purchase. For people like me, images are worth a thousand words - hopefully this benefits you as well.


Jonathan said...

Great review! I'll definitely be coming back to hear another.

Constructive criticism: maybe point or draw arrows or something when you're highlighting areas of cards or things with multiple areas. I wasn't sure where some things were.

TimothyP said...

Thanks, man! I'm using iMovie, which is very light on features. I'll use any free plugins you recommend, but otherwise, I'm stuck with their feature set. Thanks for the info! I almost didn't do this video because I haven't been playing the game lately. But I had the footage sitting around and decided I might as well finish it.