Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Not a whole lot of gaming....

Two years ago, when I first began writing Games on the Table, it was a time in my life when I played lots of board games and spent a ton of time researching games and using Board Game Geek. I did those things because it was possible at that time. I had lots of time to think about tabletop gaming, and I had so many thoughts about games that I finally decided to start writing this blog. My life was full of gaming, and this was an outlet.

Back then, I had two children, and now I have three. Back then, I didn't have nearly the amount of music to compose that I do now. Now that I'm composing music for Children of the Gods, I always have work to do in my free time - the same time slot I use for blogging. And I expect that my music workflow will only increase. Back then, my wife and I regularly had time for board gaming. Now, we rarely have a time slot long enough to sit down for a game, except for the occasional weekend slot or the rare week night.

We love board gaming, but lack the time for it. I still play board games once a week with my gaming group at work, and we sit down at the roleplaying table once or twice a week with members of that same group (we're currently playing Questers of the Middle Realms for the first time).

I had a great time making the Brief Overview video series. I appreciate all of the encouraging feedback you all sent via this site or Board Game Geek. I wish I could make more of those vids.

Since my wife and I only have short chunks of free time here and there, and most of our time includes our little halflings, we've found casual computer games to be a nice diversion. I've been keeping a little blog about casual games. If you like, you can follow my casual gaming news and reviews there.

As things are, I am effectively "shutting down" Games on the Table. I'm going to leave the blog here just in case someone remembers something they read at one time and want to access it again. I may even post in the future - who knows? But, those of you faithful followers who access the site frequently, don't expect updates anymore.

You know how it is. You can only handle so much on your plate in life. Once the plate is full, you have to start setting aside the less important portions to make room for the more important bits. At this point, Games on the Table has fallen into the "less important" category.

If, for some reason, you desire to follow the goings of my life and work, you can track me here. You can find my twitter info there. You are also welcome to email me anytime at the email address listed on the right-hand side of this blog. And, of course, I'll be hanging around Board Game Geek (eventually geekdo), so you can message me there too.

I wish I could keep up on all of my hobbies, but I am having to give many of them up as my family grows up. And so, I bid you all farewell from the game table, with a hearty thanks to everyone who followed the blog, subscribed to the blog, and especially those who took time to comment on the blog.


Tranberry said...

Thanks for your time and effort put into this blog while it lasted!

Hiew Chok Sien said...

I have enjoyed following your blog. Thank you.

Here's wishing you lots more happy gaming in future.

Isamoor said...

Take care. I'll keep up on the casual gaming blog :)